How we do it

At ElectroShine Metal Finshers Limited the process begins with careful itemization and cataloging of all received parts.

Items are disassembled and pieces are counted, sorted, inventoried and examined by trained technicians prior to the start of the cleaning procedures.

The final quality of your project starts with this careful organization, and this is also the start of our extensive quality control process.

Attention to details are important, as many of the items may be very small or difficult to repair.

After all pieces have been fully cataloged, the parts are then meticulously disassembled, cleaned and repaired to remove any imperfections in the metal surface.

This frequently involves soldering, brazing, welding, grinding and buffing until the metal surface is completely free of any defects.

These repair procedures take up much of the time required to complete metal finishing projects, and this process must be completed prior to any metal finishing.

All parts are fully checked by ElectroShine technicians before they proceed to the series of plating baths.

After repairing metal sufaces of gross defects, parts are then ready for plating.

The extensive plating procedures used at ElectroShine Metal Finishers Limited involves a series of plating baths, multiple coatings and many buffings to achieve the final finish. The plating process is much more than just dipping a part in a chrome plating tank!

After the final plating, the parts are then buffed to bring out the final finish of the metal plate, or if plating was not required, the part is buffed to the final finish, and once again re-examined for imperfections.

If the parts pass the quality control inspection, the parts are then re-grouped with the job in preparation for assembly and shipping.

It is the time and care taken by the technicians of ElectroShine Metal Finishers Limited that produce a quality piece.

Attention to details during each step of the process is critical when producing a finish such as this. Call Randy Hunter at Electrsoshine today to enquire about the various finishes we offer.

Once each of the component pieces are finished to perfection, they are grouped with other parts from that job and assembled.

Finally, the parts are given the assembled quality control check, and are counted to verify that all cataloged pieces are completed and have been accounted for.

The completed and assembled parts are now ready to be shipped.

Once all parts have been completed, assembled and accounted for, they are safely packaged and prepared for transporation.

The staff at ElectroShine realize that your project should be completed within a suitable time frame, so please call ElectroShine Metal Finishers Limited now to arrange completion of your project.

Randy Hunter will be happy to discuss the turnaround time and costs, plus answer any questions that you may have.